bastille day

We wish more English towns and cities offered the civilised, green and urbane lifestyle we want, at a price we can afford. 

We call what we are searching for “organic urban regeneration”.   We disdain the “rip-off regeneration” that is served up to us by greedy financiers, crap developers, identikit chains, philistine authorities and egotistical starchitects.   

As we define organic urban regeneration by describing the people and the places doing it best, we hope we can encourage more people and places to choose it as their recipe for real prosperity in the years ahead. 

What we do

We visit towns and cities to search out & celebrate examples of good organic urban regeneration, and the places where we see the best potential for it.  Then we post our report on  Where we see rip-off regeneration, we criticise it.  For each place we visit, we suggest a handful of “urban repairs” projects – modest, practical, deliverable – that we think could make a useful improvement to that town.

Who we are

We are latter day Pickwickians: somewhat absurd characters making investigative forays out into England and reporting on what we find.  But we are also experienced urbanists and businesspeople with expertise in urban development projects, town planning & sustainable transport, journalism, urban design, heritage conservation, tourism & events production, independent retailing, and small business development. 

We are respectful visitors:  we look & listen, our starting point is respect for every town, its assets, its heritage, its genius loci & its potential.

What next?

We are searching for like minds.  If you want what the Urban Repairs Club wants, then please get in touch with us, and we can investigate how we can work together to help promote organic urban regeneration.     

If you are one of the pioneers building the new liveable, lively and enjoyable English towns & cities worth living in, we want to find out more about you and link to your projects. 

Contact us at urbanrepairsclub AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk

Twitter:  @UrbanRepairs


2 Responses to Manifesto

  1. Mark White says:

    How do I join or assist?

  2. That’s a good question – and one we should perhaps have prepared for a little better!
    I guess we’re not right now as much of a club or a campaign as this attempt at our manifesto makes out. We haven’t got a form to fill in to join – yet. We are compiling a mailing list of interested potential Urban Repairers.
    I’m sending you an email, but for general consumption, we’d like to hear views from people in places we have visited, and hear about examples of organic urban regeneration worth celebrating from places we haven’t visited yet.

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